NHFCU is pleased to host our first Zoom webinar on Fraud, Scams, and Identity Theft. Our guest presenter, Jody Gillaspie, Director of the Office of the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division, will provide information on current scams, tips for identifying the latest scams, and how to avoid and recover from identity theft.


NHFCU is pleased to host a Zoom webinar on one of our favorite electronic services, MoneyDesktop. Our guest presenter will be Trent Boulter, PH.D., MX Solution Consultant. Trent will be discussing how easy it is to use MoneyDesktop and the value of this tool in helping you achieve your financial goals. NHFCU is proud to provide MoneyDesktop as one of our online banking and mobile app services.

Note: The presenters slides did not show on the recording for the first 14 minutes, however he provides good information.  Keep listening as he will review the slides and show a full presentation of MoneyDesktop.