Debt Consolidation

Sometimes things just don’t go the way you planned, and you may find yourself overwhelmed with financial challenges. Don’t worry, you’re not alone—help is available!

Consider consolidating your high-interest debt with a low interest loan. We have a variety of loan options and will work with you to have one monthly payment that fits your budget.

HELOC – The Home Equity Line of Credit, or HELOC, allows you to open a line of credit with spending limits using the value of your home. The benefit of a HELOC is that you have funds available but you only pay interest on what you spend.

Vehicle Loan – A vehicle with equity available allows you to roll additional debts into one loan at a lower interest rate.

Personal Loan – Low limit signature loans are an easy and affordable way to consolidate debt. With nothing held as collateral you get a lump sum when the loan is approved to help payoff other debts.

Share and Certificate Secured Loan – Using funds in your savings or certificate as collateral you can consolidate debt to have one low monthly payment.