Financial Education

Seminar Schedule

Knowledge is power! Borrowing smart and saving smart begins with empowering yourself to be even more informed than yesterday. That’s why Northern Hills Federal has partnered with Consumer Credit Counseling Services, offering various seminars on financial education.  Click here to enter the CCCS website, then click on the Education tab to see their current schedule.   Available courses include:

  • Credit When Credit Is Due
  • Make Your Move…A Guide to Home Ownership
  • Money in Motion

We’ve also partnered with the Neighborhood Housing Services of the Black Hills, Inc.,offering a variety of Home Buyer Education courses all with home ownership in mind.  Click here to enter the NHSBH website, then click on the Services/Programs button on the left to see their current schedule.  Available courses include:

  • Home Buyer Education
  • Post Purchase Classes
  • Living Within My Means
  • Developing Community Leaders Academy

Call 605-347-4527 to find out how taking these courses could help you earn better rates and improve your credit score!

Credit Scoring & Reports

Ever wonder how a creditor decides whether to grant you credit? For years, creditors have been using credit scoring systems to determine if you’d be a good risk for credit cards and auto loans. More recently, credit scoring has been used to help creditors evaluate your ability to repay home mortgage loans.

Follow this link to the Federal Trade Commission’s website resource, discussing how credit scoring works in helping decide who gets credit — and why.

Call 605-347-4527 for more details on how to improve your credit score with Northern Hills Federal.