PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE? Plan Smart. Start today.

It’s never too early to start planning for the future.  If you’re interested in buying a new home, talk to us today.  Our Mortgage Specialist can discuss your credit report, down payment requirement and other funding needs.  Northern Hills Federal is here to help you find the mortgage that’s best for you.

When it comes to home financing, there are many different options to choose from and the process can be confusing.  Our Mortgage Specialists have access to information on programs and special offers that can help put you in your dream home.  Contact a Mortgage Specialist today for current rates.

We participate in the South Dakota Housing Development Authority (SDHDA) First Time Home Buyer program, as well as Rural Development (RD), Federal Housing Authority (FHA), Veterans Administration (VA) and conventional loan programs.

Apply Now.  Click here to Download a mortgage application .   Click here for a list of required documents for processing your application.

Home Equity Loans and Lines will help you to Borrow Smart.

Your next major expense just got a little bit smarter with a Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit from Northern Hills Federal.  Both loans use the equity in your home, allowing you to borrow smart on things such as unexpected repairs, a vacation, or a remodel.

A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) will allow you to take an advance when you need it most.  It has a draw period which will allow you to pay for college, a wedding, or build that new addition.  As you pay it back, you can redraw on the available line.  A Home Equity Loan is a loan with fixed payments and terms for the life of the loan.

The most common question is, “How much can I borrow?  This simple equation, “Equity = Home value – mortgage balance” will give you an idea.

We also offer Construction Loans, loans to purchase Land, and Manufactured Homes.

Already have an existing loan?  We do fast and easy refinances too!


Save time by starting early and obtaining a “Pre-Qualified” status before you find your dream home.  There is no cost to pre-qualify.

First, gather the following information:

  • Income tax returns for previous year
  • Most recent 2 pay stubs from each employer
  • Total debt information
  • Complete list of assets including life insurance value and retirement plans

Next, complete an application. Then, set up an appointment with a Mortgage Specialist, and allow about an hour.  It’s that simple!

Pay Smart.

LOAN TERMS can be confusing.  In addition to the traditional mortgage, we can custom build a mortgage loan for you.  Making just a small change in terms can save you thousands of dollars in interest charges.  We offer Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM).  ARMs are great options for many homeowners.  Ask us if an ARM is good for you.  There are a variety of payment options to choose from, which will save you time and money as well as help you maintain your good credit rating. 

At Northern Hills Federal, we’ll listen to your needs and provide the best solution available to meet those needs.  Call 605-347-4527 to learn how you can borrow smart with Northern Hills Federal.

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